Amal Alhaag
Amal Alhaag is an Amsterdam based independent curator, cultural programmer and radio host with an interest in counter-culture, oral histories and global social issues. Her work explores these themes through short- and long-term collaborations with artists, institutions and audiences. Since 2008, her projects infuse music and art with current affairs, post-coloniality, digital anthropology and everyday anecdotes to invite, stage or examine ‘uncomfortable‘ issues, unknown stories and unwelcome audiences to write, share or compose narratives in impermanent settings.

Luis Berríos-Negrón
Luis Berríos-Negrón (San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1971*) explores the forms and forces of environmental form. He calls the practise-based explorations “social pedestals”. He holds a bachelor of fine arts from Parsons New School, a master of architecture from M.I.T., and is currently a doctoral candidate at the Art Technology Design joint programme Konstfack/KTH (2015-20).

Femke Dekker
As a freelance curator Femke Dekker works on interdisciplinary projects that explore the boundaries of autonomous and applied arts, design and music. She has curated exhibitions for places such as De School in Amsterdam and events like the Brno Biennial for Graphic Design. She also works as a contemporary culture advisor for several Dutch funds such as the Creative Industries Fund and the Art of Impact and is associated as a tutor for art academies as the Sandberg Instituut. In 2015 she joined Arif Kornweitz, Radna Rumping and Reinier Klok as one of the editors of the arts and culture radio platform Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee. The rest of her time is dedicated to playing music and exhibiting a fondness of the strange, the weird, the psychedelic and some dark grooves as half of DJ duo Strange Boutique.

Amie Dicke
Amie Dicke is a Dutch artist who first became known for her cut out works. Collected images and objects incrementally find their way into her studio from a wide variety of sources. She then selects elements to be sandpapered away, blotched, spattered, covered with makeup or surgically incised. Through this process of collection, selection and removal, Dicke allows unexpected aspects of the image to come into focus. She is an artist who works as an (ap)pointer, referrer, indicator, a cursor and exposes that which would usually be overlooked.

Maria Guggenbichler
Maria Guggenbichler thinks and un-thinks, laughs, dances, plays, collaborates, doubts, listens, talks, walks, organizes, works and sabotages, publishes and hides,and spoils the broth with too many cooks, fellow strangers, and friends. Maria works in long-term and close collaborations and friendships. Together with Amal Alhaag,Maria initiated and ran the Side Room, a discursive platform for excentric cultural practices and intersectional thinking (2013-2016). They have been collaborating onmany other events, programs, and pranks.

Michiel van Iersel
Michiel van Iersel (1978) is an urbanist and curator working at the intersection of the arts, architecture, (urban) design and heritage. He started his career working for several visual arts organisations (Museum of Modern Art, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and Art Rotterdam) and LAgroup, before co-founding Non-fiction in 2008. He studied Business and Cultural Studies at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and Metropolitan Studies at the Humboldt-Universität Berlin.

Afaina de Jong
Afaina de Jong is a creative do-it-all with a background in architecture who is passionate about redefining the ways we share information in public space. In 2005 she founded AFARAI is a creative agency that specializes in creating spatial design, strategy, concepts and events. Afaina's aim is to cross the boundaries of the traditional architecture practice by dealing with the existing city with a multidisciplinary approach, integrating research and design with a strong focus on social design.

Nancy Jouwe
Nancy Jouwe is a researcher, with a focus on intersectionality, colonial history, art and cultural heritage. She is the project-leader of research project Mapping Slavery, a public history project that maps the Dutch history of slavery in The Netherlands and its former colonies and is working on a third publication for this project. She teaches at CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange), Amsterdam University College and the Willem de Kooning Academy.

Charlie Koolhaas
Dutch artist, writer and professional photographer Charlie Koolhaas grew up in London, UK and currently operates a studio out of Rotterdam, Netherlands where she lives. With a graduate background in both Sociology and Interactive Media, she is interested in documenting the process through which multi-culturalism spurns new cultural hybrids, to examine the meaning of ‘identity’ at a time when identities are constantly dissolved and re-made.