2A+P/A is an architectural office established by Gianfranco Bombaci and Matteo Costanzo and based in Rome. The office works on architectural, urban and landscape design with a particular interest in the nature and condition of the contemporary city. It engages in a broad range of activities including public and private buildings, housing complexes, urban spaces, event pavilions, temporary installations and interior design.

Shumon Basar
Shumon Basar is a writer, thinker and cultural critic. He is co-author of The Age of Earthquakes: A Guide to the Extreme Present with Douglas Coupland and Hans Ulrich Obrist. His edited books include Translated By, Cities from Zero and Hans Ulrich Obrist Interviews Volume 2. He is Commissioner of the Global Art Forum in Dubai, Editor-at-large of Tank magazine and Contributing Editorat Bidoun magazine, Director of the Format program at the AA School, a member of Fondazione Prada’s “Thought Council” and Art Jameel’s Curatorial Council.

Sara Blokland
Sara Blokland is a visual artist, independant researcher and curator of photography. She lives and works in Amsterdam. She studied at the Rietveld Academy (BA in photography) and graduated at the Sandberg Institute (MFA photography and video) in the Netherlands and receives a MA in Film and Photographic Studies from the Leiden University.As a visual artist, curator and reseacher she is predominately working with photography and film. Her work reflects on the complicated role of this medium in relation to (postcolonial) cultural heritages

Billy Bultheel
Billy Bultheel is a composer and performance artist. Long time collaborator of Anne Imhof, was in charge of the musical direction and composition process in the pieces FAUST and ANGST. His musical practice combines a strong understanding of space and an adaptation of medieval polyphonic techniques found in Ars Nova and Ars Subtilior.

Sarah Farina
Sarah Farina is a DJ and producer that seamlessly blends bass-heavy footwork and futuristic beats, with fearless forays through R&B and UK Funky. It’s inclusive, forward-thinking and unrestrained. It’s a genre-rejecting style that she’s named rainbowbass. She is also a member of the Through My Speakers collective. A listen to any of her three acclaimed Boiler Room sets will demonstrate why she’s captured the rapt attention of tastemakers and influencers the whole world over.

Zoro Feigl
Zoro Feigl lives and works in between Amsterdam and Vorst Laakdal, Belgium. He graduated from the Rietveld Academie and the Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunst, Gent. His work has been shown internationally at various exhibitions including the Mori Art Museum Tokyo, KisArt Busan Korea, National Art Museum of China, Galeria de Arte do SESI Sao Paulo, Artplay Moscow, A+B Contemporary Italy, 0gms Sofia, Verbeke Foundation Belgium, Kulturhuset Stockholm, Self Surface Stuttgart, Black Door Istanbul and several institutes in the Netherlands such as Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, MU, DordtYart, Het Nieuwe Instituut, W139, Arti et Amicitea and Fons Welters. He has curated several exhibitions and has been a part of De ServiceGarage and founding member of Kafana.

David Hakvoort
David Hakvoort is psychiatrist, specialized in general hospital psychiatry and dynamic psychotherapy with focus on (young) adults with personality disorders and other identity problems. Before studying medicine, he attained his first degree in philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. During his residency in psychiatry David worked in a psychiatric hospital in Tanzania and investigated psychosocial problems of people with albinism. Next to his work, he has presented a local radio program about art and culture for many years. Recently he started a training in intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy (ISTDP) to maximize the effectivity of treatment.

Imara Limon
Imara Limon is curator and public programmer at the Amsterdam Museum, where she curated the exhibition ‘Zwart Amsterdam’ (Black Amsterdam) in 2016. With a background in Contemporary Art, Museology and Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam, her focus is on legacies of the Dutch colonial past in the Netherlands. She curated an exhibition programme with The Black Archives, as well as setting up New Narratives; interactive museum tours from diverse perspectives that reconsider the narratives told by the institution. Limon was part of the New World summit team founded by artist Jonas Staal, and she was the manager of Frontier Imaginaries, founded by curator Vivian Ziherl, with international exhibitions and publications.

Thomas Marecki
Thomas Marecki aka Marok is a Berlin-based artist, graphic designer who created a remarkable body of work disclaiming any control but that of his own imagination and ideas for more then two decades. Since 1995 he runs the Lodown magazine celebrating popular culture and skateboarding, but also contemporary art, music, film, fashion, lifestyle and literature, Lodown reflects a Zeitgeist in a non-mainstream way.

Leonard van Munster
Amsterdam-based contemporary artist Leonard van Munster usually makes site-specific and subject-specific work. Van Munster's installations are to be found mostly in public spaces, where the surroundings play an important role in the work and how it is experienced. Recurrent underlying themes are desire, homesickness and sentiment: a frozen moment of happiness or a childhood memory.

Sands Murray-Wassink
Sands Joseph Horwitz Dijks Murray-Wassink / Sands 1974 (*1974 Topeka, Kansas, USA. 1994 present Amsterdam) is an artist concerned with analyzing and deconstructing/disempowering Whiteness and (homosexual, bottom) Male Western Privilege in all the forms that coalesce in his being. This puts him in dynamic relationship to himself and the social body at large.

David Neevel
Amsterdam-based David Neele is a US American creative technologist and robotic inventor with a background in physics, advertising and art. Amongst his numerous inventions is a robot that prints tweets by President Trump and sets them on fire, an Orea-separating as well as a penis drawing machine. David also hosted a web series on MTV (other) called Practically Useful, in which he invented complicated ways to simplify daily tasks.

Christian Nyampeta
Christian Nyampeta is an artist living and working in London. He graduated from the MA Industrial Design course at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2009. Nyampeta's research is concerned with issues of Living Together: individuality, conviviality and industriality. Ongoing projects centre around migratory and performative practices including writing and public lectures, convened under his research provisionally titled of "How To Live Together(?)". Christian Nyampeta is an Mphil/PhD candidate at the Visual Cultures Department of Goldsmiths University of London.

Rachel Rakes
Rachael Rakes is a curator, critic, and teacher from New York City. Rakes is the Head Curator and Manager of the Curatorial Programme at De Appel in Amsterdam. She is also an Editor at Large for Verso Books, and Programmer at Large for the Film Society of Lincoln Center where she co-curates the annual festival ART OF THE REAL.

Gianluigi Ricuperati
Gianluigi Ricuperati is an writer, essayist, and curator based in Turin, Italy. Amongst his recent publications are for example 100 minds (2016) and Mind Game (2017). He serves as as director of Domus Academy, Milan and ‘Cross-disciplinary curator’ for the cultural program of MIA Fair since 2015. He is also the founder and director of the Institute for Production of Wonder, based in Torino and London, which is consulting, producing research and communication projects for public and private institutions and companies. Furthermore he’s the creator and founder of Faust, the first center for the resurrection of books and aggregator of creative communities in Turin.

Margriet Schavemaker
Margriet Schavemaker is art historian, philosopher and media specialist. After a career as lecturer and assistant professor at the art history and media studies departments at the University of Amsterdam, she currently holds the position of head of collections and research at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Schavemaker has written extensively on contemporary art and theory, (co)edited several edited volumes (for example Now is the Time: Art and Theory in the 21st Century (2009) en Vincent Everywhere: Van Gogh’s (Inter) National Identities (2010)) and is an acclaimed curator of discursive events and public programs.

Tamar Shafrir
Rotterdam-based Tamar Shafrir is a writer and researcher in the extended field of design (including architecture, visual culture, technology, and fashion). Shafrir was born in Israel and grew up near Washington, D.C. I studied architecture at the University of Virginia and contextual design at the Design Academy Eindhoven. She currently works at Het Nieuwe Instituut as a design researcher in the R&D department and teaches at the Design Academy Eindhoven as a thesis advisor in the Contextual Design and Social Design master’s programmes.

Robert Shore
Robert Shore is the creative director of Elephant Magazine. He has worked as an arts journalist for the past 20 years, writing for the likes of the Guardian and working as a theatre critic for Time Out and Metro. He has made a series of programmes for BBC radio, including one about the noseless poet laureate Sir William Davenant. He is the author of Beg, Steal and Borrow, a book about the uses and abuses of copying and appropriation in the history of art; Post-Photography, a survey of contemporary artists-working-with-photography; and Bang in the Middle, a study of Midland history, ritual and folklore.

Gloria Wekker
Gloria Wekker is an educator and writer who has focused on gender studies and sexuality in the Afro-Caribbean region and diaspora. She’s Emeritus Professor of Gender and Ethnicity at Utrecht University in The Netherlands. She has also worked as a policy advisor and consultant to various Dutch government ministries on topics related to ethnic minority, women's emancipation and health policy. Her publications include White Innocence: Paradoxes of Colonialism and Race (Duke University Press, 2016) and The Politics of Passion: Women's Sexual Culture in the Afro‐ Surinamese Diaspora (Columbia University Press, 2006).