Adam Bletchly
British designer and visualiser Adam Bletchly draws interest from a broad pool of sources. From the ideologies of classical art through to the commercialism of today which has slowly diluted the craft and standards of creativity. He studied as an illustrator, graduating in 2009. Now with 8 years of experience working in the creative industry as part of a small studio and also as a freelancer in the advertising world. He is seeking to reinterpret and subvert everything he has learnt in this time, to push his own practice into a completely new and unknown direction.

Lou Buche
Lou Buche is a French graphic designer based in Amsterdam. He graduated from the Rietveld Academie 2 years ago. His practice is mostly concentrated on the way performances can participate to the construction of a graphic design message and what is the role of still images in our era. His work is combining digital and analog materials that he always tries to combine in a new way. He likes to make the apology of spontaneity and to work with it as a possible tool. He has exhibited to several places in Netherlands, France, Germany and Czech republic.

Daan Couzijn
Daan Couzijn is a Dutch creative all-rounder - musically skilled with a very strong eye for visual aesthetics. Often using the richness of the internet and the possibilities of technology as an inspiration for his works. His generation - the millennial generation - and existentialism form his leitmotiv. Besides working as a professional actor/performance artist, he performs live with his own music under the pseudonym of ‘Cousin’. He creates minimalistic, electronic music combined with his own angelic vocals. More recently he also started exhibiting several installation works, often using video and other digital media as an expressing tool.

Rebecca Eskilsson
Swedish artist Rebecca Eskilsson works with photography, sound and installations by combining materials, tensions around society and symbolism. An indirect approach that focuses on the world of objects that come to create the material version of our individuality.

Javier Rodriguez Fernandez
Javier Rodriguez Fernandez is interested in everything related to creativity. For the past three years the Spanish artist has been working in the field of graphic design, doing as much conceptual and corporative works as editorial layout. In those years he learned the discipline, working with deadlines and teamwork and to have a better understanding of the graphic language. His design approach is based on the love triangle between content, fun and working as a source of creativity.

Zsofia Kollar
Materials in a different perspective have always been an intermittent objective within the work of Amsterdam based designer, Zsofia Kollar. Zsofia’s idea of the design-discipline is not fixed but in flux, her work intrigues, shows a keen sense of humor and questions the human mind. Her quest to understand the relation between the objects and their context is ongoing, blurring the line between fiction and the realm of our reality. There is an interestingly weird uncanniness in her works, which not just reveal secrets of existing materials, objects but also investigate scenarios of the future and fictional behaviors. Triggering senses, surprising the encounters and believing that sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction could sum up the work of Zsofia which plays within the tension of art and design.

Wesley Mapes
As a American music producer Wesley Mapes composes, arranges and engineers original music for signed and independent artists and commercial use. Besides his career in music he has been making radio and working as a designer and builder with and for various artists. His single biggest motivation as an artist is to challenge the homogeneity of the art world. He finds most streets are adorned with the artworks of white European males, that often seem meaningless to the people who live and work there.

Juliana Maurer
German designer Juliana Maurer is engaged in exploring unconventional visual aesthetics away from current trends by experimenting with different materials melting the digital with the analogue world. In her search for interdisciplinary artistic collaboration in order to challenge the boundaries of traditional graphic design she appreciates team work as a means of combining individual ideas and collective cooperations.

Barnaby Monk
Barnaby Monk is a British artist and a designer who straddles many different disciplines and territories relating to art and design. After a career as a musician he started to work as a product design and art builder. Both these working relationships led to professional collaborations that blur the lines between Art & Product. His work is usually political in nature and he uses products as a vehicle for his artistic ideas. This year he will bring together all of his professional experience in art and design in order to create experiences, products and works of art, that challenge existing orders and stimulate the the erosion of capitalist structures and other means of control.

Alex Murray
Alex Murray lives and works in Amsterdam. His thought examines the agency of technical objects in the making and phenomenology of history. Practicing real-time methods of assemblage and hijacking infrastructures of cinema production, his work attempts to collapse experience into an extended present. Mediated through this temporal flattening, Murray questions the direction of historical progress and human agency to act within it. Murray has recently showed works at and performed at Sonic Acts Academy, FC Hyena, Unsound Festival Krakow, Unsound Festival Adelaide, Vivid Festival - Sydney Opera House, Rewire Festival, Melt Festival and the Holland Festival.

Fabian Reichle
Fabian Reichle studied music journalism at the University of Music Karlsruhe and graduated in 2015. For his bachelor thesis he examined a music and dance style from Chicago called "footwork" and its arrival in Germany. He therefore produced a short documentary and a radio play. During his time in Karlsruhe he was part of Die Anstoß, a non-profit collective and organized exhibitions, lectures, concerts, screenings and discussions about urban development. His wide range of interests finally get to melt at the Sandberg Instituut's program of the RCU.

Fenna Schilling
After finishing her BA Philosophy, Fenna studied Graphic Design at KASK for one year. Within her practice she is more interested in mixing what is already there than creating out of nothing, more interested in how images or ideas relate to each other than fetishizing the independent. She works with both analogue and digital media and often extends her practice in her performance as a DJ.

Farida Sedoc
Farida Sedoc is an Amsterdam based artist, designer and entrepreneur.  At a young age she got exposed to streetculture, this led to her love for hiphop, streetart and fashion. Her work blends contemporary culture with fashion, traditional textile and printing techniques in a state-of-the-art style. Narrative graphics, colourful prints and classic applications translated onto fabric.

Anthony Smyrski
Anthony Smyrski is an American creative director, urbanist, and cultural producer. He works in both the cultural and commercial spheres with clients and artists around the world. As his practice develops, he engages projects of increasing complexity involving print, web, installation, video, sound and other components. He travels constantly, studying culture, urban environments, and global patterns of human interaction. Findings and insights from his travels are woven throughout his work.

Agustina Woodgate
Argentinian artist Agustina Woodgate dedicates her practice to prototyping possibilities for the people and planet, forming new configurations that maximize their potential. If circulation is at the core of our existence, then everything should be kept in motion, from waste to opportunity. In 2012 she co-founded, a nomadic, multi-lingual, online radio station, focusing on mobility, migration and transportation as its core themes. Currently she is working on large public commissions for the design of Miami-Dade county sidewalks.