Zsofia Kollar

“If you ask me, receiving a master’s degree in Fine Arts and Design is not a cornerstone, but a confirmation to continue my artistic research.  Graduation gave me confidence but also an encouragement to embrace myself on a journey that I will be on probably for the rest of my life. Since graduation, I had time to reflect on my practice and focus on projects that kept my interest for long. In the past year, I traveled to collect material and experience craftsmanship from a different perspective, dug deeper into my research projects, and rethink how I can contribute to our future. For the past few months, I’ve been busy preparing to establish a startup using local waste material and introducing a sustainable product for the textile industry made of human material but not only for humans. Positioning myself as an object designer and thinker from a different perspective I created artifacts on commission bases in single and small editions. My master’s degree not only helped to fully engage myself with objects but also to formulate my theoretical viewpoint on our object culture. Object-Oriented Identity was the base for my thesis, now it is becoming a publication with extended research and an initiative to decode the objects we live with, #ooi will be soon the code to decode.”