Possible Books, 2019

Assembled from photocopies of the theses of the Radical Cut-Up Master of Fine Arts and Design program at Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam, The Radical Cut-Up Reader: No Single Narrative edited by Lukas Feireiss is a 700 page cut-up in its own right. With various professional, personal and cultural backgrounds and experiences working in a diverse range of media, participants in the Radical Cut-Up program were encouraged to actively investigate the epistemological surplus of the cut-up as a disruptive cultural and narrative tool that extends and reinterprets preceding storylines and embraces – rather than avoids – contradiction.

With contributions by Adam Bletchly, Lou Buche, Daan Couzijn, Rebecca Eskilsson, Zsofia Kollar, Wes Mapes, Juliana Maurer, Barnaby Monk, Alex Murray, Fabian Reichle, Javier Rodriguez, Farida Sedoc, Anthony Smyrski, and Agustina Woodgate.