Robuche (Javier Rodriguez Fernandez & Lou Buche)

“It's been now almost a year that we decided to graduate together as a duo. After meeting each other for the first time during our master at the RCU, we kept on going after our graduation. After a well deserved summer break, we did our first residency together in Lisbon, for three month, where we had the chance to experiment a lot and intensively. After a talk and two small exhibitions while being in Portugal, we eventually brought all the productions to Madrid, where we organised in February our first solo exhibition there, in a gigantic space. As we also decided to take care of everything ourselves, we gathered a small team of friends there, starting with the architecture and design studio FUTURO, that took care of the scenography of the exhibition. Two other friends helped us taking care of the curating/organising of the show. A very challenging project for us, as we didn’t get any financial help from a gallery or anyone else from the art world. Then, the quarantine period left us separated for three months and it was obviously harder to work together, but it gave us also some time to relax after a quite intense start of the year. We are now going to start a residency from the end of June until July in Brussels, after a gallery that likes our work proposed us to do so. During these coming weeks, we want to insist even more on the collaborative aspect of our work, by doing a sort of double residency with duo of french artists Messgewand and collaborate with them on pieces that will try to combine the 3D/materiality of their work, and our world, more 2D and painting based. Meanwhile, we are preparing another solo show in an amazing space in Den Hague at the PULCHRI gallery, which, because of the monumental aspect of the project, should take place in September 2021. Definitely still interested by the printed matter due to our background as graphic designer, we worked on a 24 pages riso publication, that should get published very soon, as it is already printed and bound. The idea is to continue exploring the concept of collaboration and trying to make the process as entertaining than challenging!”