Come Closer #3: Crying Violet

An indigenous Dutch flower, the Crying Violet is believed to be completely extinct. Historically the flower was a symbol of inviolate purity, benevolent wildness and fresh beginnings. The introduction of the invasive species commonly known as the Tulip at the end of the 16th century was the beginning of a slow but effective extinction process for the Crying Violet.

On this occasion students from the Radical Cut-Up interdisciplinary Master’s programme of the Sandberg Instituut will not only commemorate the Crying Violet, but also symbolically bring the flower back to life. As a part of this initiative, visitors of the in the Oude Kerk will encounter the legacy of the Crying Violet through a series of interventions and happenings designed to rekindle the generative spirit of the legendary flower.

These interventions are orchestrated by Fabian Reichle and utilize imagery, sound, scent and other experiences, allowing the audience to recall the existence and legacy of the Crying Violet, and to question the role humans play as the primary cause of the destruction of nature.

The evening is organized by the Oude Kerk in collaboration with Radna Rumping and Michiel van Iersel and takes place in the context of the current exhibition NA by Christian Boltanski. Afterwards you can gather for a drink at the Koffieschenkerij café to exchange thoughts on the evening.