Come and join us on Monday, 29th October, 2018, for a lecture by Swedish artist Jonas Liveröd at the Radical Cut-Up space at Sandberg Instituut, Overschiestraat 188, 1062 XK Amsterdam.

Jonas Liveröd lives and works in Ågårdskvarn, Sweden. The core of his work is concentrated on sculpture, drawing and installation, but wanders into woodcuts and collage, is at times materially unfaithful in areas such as textile, collected images,
archival porcelain works and a range of other bastardized combinations. Beyond the limits of his artwork, he has in the past few years held workshops and lectures on myth construction, death culture and failure, curated themes in the borderlands of architecture, made a soundtrack for a book, written articles on Nazi vacation visions and victorian escapism as well as interviewed both forgers and collectors. He is currently converting an old mill into an artist residency and his own museum of the uncategorizable - The Liveröd Wunderkammer.