We are thrilled to invite you to another Radical Cut-Up lecture on Monday, 11 March 2019, 6 PM by psychiatrist David Hakvoort.

The art of shaping conditions to creativity
How does self-knowledge and self-awareness influences the creative process? Is suffering a necessity for the artist to create its work? To which extend can stress levels help you to perform? These questions are discussed from a psychiatrist point-of-view in relation to the benefit of psychotherapy in general. This lecture gives a small introduction to psychotherapy, how creativity and the self are connected and if it is helpful being more aware of our own repetitive motives and intrapsychic conflicts to increase creativity.

David Hakvoort is psychiatrist, specialized in general hospital psychiatry and dynamic psychotherapy with focus on (young) adults with personality disorders and other identity problems. Before studying medicine, he attained his first degree in philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. During his residency in psychiatry David worked in a psychiatric hospital in Tanzania and investigated psychosocial problems of people with albinism. Next to his work, he has presented a local radio program about art and culture for many years. Recently he started a training in intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy (ISTDP) to maximize the effectivity of treatment.