Agustina Woodgate

“A summer trip across central Turkey on a hot air balloon solidified the research on radio air waves I concentrated on during my times at Sandberg. It was both a celebratory conclusion and an inspiring sensation for materializing the space-medium that I have been investigating so deeply. Once back with my feet on the ground, I travelled to NY, for the closing of the 2019 Whitney biennial, where National Times, one of my installations, was included. I then moved to Miami to work on The source, a monumental outdoor installation, commissioned by Art Basel, Miami Beach. The interactive sculptures are functional drinking water fountains that invite the public to drink water for free while claiming rock pedestals. These works now find their home in ArtOmi, a sculpture park in upstate NY.Nowadays I find myself immersed in the radio network with preparing for Operacion, the upcoming marathon broadcast on Planetary Wireless to go live on August 27th, 2020.”